About Us

Our doors first opened in September 1990. From our humble beginnings, we only specialized in birthday, wedding, and other various types of cakes.  Since then we have a whole range of different and wonderful products.  Breads, pasteries, all types of drinks, hot foods, ice creams and much more.  Please browse our website for our different products or stop by at one of our stores.

We currently have 3 stores.  One in Manhattan and two in Flushing. Each store has its own kitchen to produce fresh bakery products for our customers.

At Tai Pan Bakery, we are always striving to make the best products for our customers.  if we do not have the product that food that you want, email us at info@taipanbakeryonline.com.  We take your suggestions seriously.

Featured in "am New York" newspaper, Thursday, July 24, 2010 under City Living page 18.

" Tai Pan Bakery   37-25 Main St., 718-888-1111. Stuff yourself with sweet savory pastries, breads and cakes at this popular Chinese bakery. The melt-in-your-mouth mini egg custards with caramelized sugar are deliciously addictive."

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